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Manage all your job applicants with applicant tracking system. Enjoy upto 40% faster employee screening, reduced costs, and better employer branding.

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Post Job Openings

Easily create descriptive job openings and share them via job boards, forums, email, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Screen Applicants

Ability to ask job specific questions allows you to quickly screen all applicants based on your preferences.


Shortlist Applicants

Set applicant Status and track their progress through the recruitment process. Send direct emails to applicants.


Hire Employees

Schedule preliminary and full background checks for selected candidates and hire them with peace of mind.

Supercharge your recruitment process

Employee insights ATS is an easy applicant tracking system that helps you become a smart recruiter. Manage multiple openings, handle thousands of applicants, and find the very best — quickly.

JD + Application Form

Single page job application form includes job description.

Job Specific Questions

Ask job specific questions in the application form for quick screening.

Verified Contact Details

All applicants verify their phone and email details before applying.

Current CTC

Quickly screen candidates based on the most recent CTC provided .

Resume Preview

No need to download resumes. Quickly preview them instead.

Built-in Email

Have email communication with candidates for each job opening.

Company Pages

Use auto generated company pages directly on your company website.

Employer Branding

Branded job application forms link with your company website.

HR Team

Invite your HR team to manage job applications and candidates together.

Background Checks

Easily schedule background checks for selected candidates.

Social Sharing

Use the power of social media to invite candidates to your job openings.

Easy Dashboard

Quickly view all your recruitment activities on the dashboard.

Recruit A+ candidates with peace of mind

Employee Insights ATS is handcrafted to make your recruitment process easy and reliable. Enjoy features like Industry first background verification, unlimited resumes, social media, reliable email delivery and more.

Employee Insights is the first ATS to provide one click background verification service built into the system.

Get applications from unlimited candidates and store their resumes forever to build your own candidate database.


Leverage social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to source candidates.

Learn to love email with Employee insights! Communicating with applicants is a breeze with our built-in emails.

Experience our applicant management system

Watch and learn how to accomplish the simplest things in human resources with employee insights.

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